First World War exhibition to launch in Salford

Originally published for Quays News on 2/4/2014. See link for examples of relevant online treatment.

A FREE exhibition exploring the experiences of people from the North West during the First World War will be launched in Salford this weekend.

Imperial War Museum North, in Salford Quays, will run ‘From Street to Trench: A World War That Shaped A Region’ from 5 April to 31 May.

It is the largest ever exhibition of its kind and marks 100 years on from the start of the war.


Imperial War Museum North will host a new WW1 exhibition

Rare manuscripts offering an insight into famous war poet Wilfred Owen’s time with the Manchester Regiment are on display, as well as a letter from the South Lancashire Regiment’s Clement Attlee, who would later go on to become Labour Prime Minister.

Director of Imperial War Museum North, Graham Boxer, said: “The objects we display highlight the poignancy and courage of people who shaped and were shaped by this first global conflict.

“Even a century later there are stories untold, experiences undiscovered and tales that will surprise.”

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Ordsall police appeal to community to cut crime

Originally published for Quays News on 20/03/2014

POLICE in Ordsall have been encouraging residents to take more responsibility for their community in a new campaign to cut crime.

SNAP, which stands for Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan, has seen warnings and warrants issued and vehicles seized in a bid to get the police and the community working together to improve the area.

The scheme, which is run by Greater Manchester Police and partnership organisations such as Salford City Council and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, has been running for approximately five years, taking place in different wards in Salford around every six months.

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