Psychedelic music festival set to sell out in Manchester

Originally published for Quays News on 26/03/2014.

PSYCHEDELIC rock bands from across Britain are heading to Manchester for a new music festival.

Tickets are selling out fast for the first ever “Manchester Psych Fest” at the Northern Quarter’s live venue Night and Day Café on May 31.


HEADLINERS: Five-piece band Toy will headline the festival

Local and established psychedelic rock bands  will play throughout the evening and organiser James Elvin believes there is a gap in the market for the event.

“The reason it started up was a selfish one, I guess,” he said.

“I’m heavily into music that comes under the psychedelia umbrella, so I wanted to put an event on with either the bands I know, want to see or want to be brought together under one roof.

“There are loads of cool events going on in the UK, Europe and beyond, so there must be a market for it. As long as the music is good and people are having fun, that’s the most important thing.”

The festival will be headlined by Brighton band Toy, who have recently taken their latest record Join the Dots to venues of more than double the capacity of Night and Day Café.

James is hopeful that the capture of such established acts in an intimate venue, as well as some upcoming and local bands, will be a big success and see the festival flourish in the years ahead.

“I’d love for it to be able to grow into something that can bring even more people together,” he said.

“We’ve already started up a monthly live club night called KALOPSIA, so even now at such an early stage it’s expanding.

“I went with Night and Day Café in the end because the management got what I was trying to do, they’re nice people, and it fits all the needs for the festival.”


Doors open at 6.00pm, with eight acts performing, along with several DJs.

Hull band The Black Delta Movement are one of the chosen acts, and frontman Matt Burr is hopeful that the festival will bring a big lift to the psychedelic music scene.

“We’re really excited to be sharing the bill with some absolutely brilliant bands,” he said.

“It’s really flattering for us to be asked to play the first instalment, too. It means a lot.”

LIVE: Hull band The Black Delta Movement will be performing

Tickets are priced at £19.80, with the remaining few available now fromSee Tickets.

For more information, visit the festival’s Facebook page


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